She Reads Truth Bible

I love taking the opportunity to read new literature and give honest feedback to the public, so I was especially excited when I had the chance to review the She Reads Truth bible. I had researched it on my own quite thoroughly when it first came out and I feel blessed to be gifted with a copy of it in exchange for my opinion.

My first impression is that this is an absolutely stunning bible. I received the grey linen hardcover version of the bible and could not be more impressed by the attention to quality detail. The pages are coordinated with a beautiful color palette that flows throughout the entire bible making it aesthetically pleasing and attention grabbing. I loved the printed scripture design at the beginning of each book, as it set the tone for the reading plans and digging deeper sections provided.

Image 2017-11-08_20-17-39-047

The bible uses the Christian Standard Bible version, which I am not very familiar with, however I have enjoyed the simple and straightforward translation thus far. I think it will be a good addition to my other translations for bible study. The bible is filled with introductions to each book, maps, devotionals and reading plans that really enhance the bible reading experience and allow God’s Word to really come alive.

There are a few negatives with regard to this bible, one being the very thin pages. Most bibles have thin pages, but I honestly feel like these might tear while turning the page. They are thin enough that the pages with more color on them bleed through the other sides and make it difficult to read. The actual print itself is really small as well, which adds to the difficulty, and when engaging in a thorough reading or study of the Word, it could cause some eye strain. Even though the pages are thin and the print is small, this is still a significantly heavy bible. I’m not sure I would want to carry it to church with me, but I do not mind the weight of it for an at home bible study.

Even with some of the negative aspects, I would definitely encourage others to purchase the She Reads Truth Bible to further their personal relationship with the Lord. It is a captivating tool that can be used to dive deeper into God’s truth and love for us and has been designed with exquisite taste.

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