Stepping Out In Obedience {Litfuse Book Review of Chasing Famous and Giveaway}

There are seasons in our lives that often require more obedience than others, times when God repeatedly draws us out of our comfort zones and asks us to trust His plan for our lives. This past year God has asked me to do a lot of things that have grown my character and beliefs in my own abilities. He has asked me to trust him and obey through some pretty uncertain circumstances and He has always shown Himself faithful. Each of the new endeavors He has brought me to have stretched my faith and forced me to push past fear, and rise up with courage to face the task before me. I often have wondered, “ok God, what are you thinking? There is no way I can do that!” None of these things have been easy for me to do, in fact I am still struggling with a few of them, but I have clearly heard His voice and I know from experience that even if we don’t understand, we will be more fulfilled and blessed when we follow through with obedience to what God is calling us to do. I also know that ultimately it is not my comfort or success that is the end goal. His plan and His purpose through my life is to bring glory to His name. To be a light and point others to Jesus.

Along this new journey of obedience, God allowed me to cross paths with author Lisa Lloyd, from one of my writing communities and I became part of her book launch team and blog tour for her new book, Chasing Famous (Living the Life You’ve Always Chasing FamousAuditioned For). God’s timing is always perfect. This book spoke to me right where I am. It was confirmation that I am pursuing the passion and purpose God has for my life and it encouraged me to keep my focus on making God’s name famous and not my own success.

In Chasing Famous, Lisa does a good job of giving a call to action, while encouraging and empathizing with the obstacles you might face when pursuing your passion. Whether you are pondering what calling God has placed on your life, or you are fearful to step out in obedience because of insecurities and a lack of qualifications, she points you to the truth of who God says you are and shows you the way to freedom in choosing to follow His plan over your own. She uses her knowledge and background in the acting industry as a creative guide to help you through the process of discovering your gifts and talents and using them to bring God glory.

I love this quote from chapter nine where Lisa addresses the trap of striving for our own success,

“God isn’t concerned about my number of blog followers, whether I publish countless books, speak to a stadium full of women, or even book a national commercial. But God will hold me accountable for making Him famous while I live-to my kids, my husband, my neighbors, to the cashier at the grocery store, and the employee at the drive-through.”

She also encourages us to stop comparing our gifts and purpose to others,

“When we are ungrateful for what God’s given us and we compare ourselves to what others have, we become preoccupied by what they are doing and how God could be glorifying Himself through them instead of focusing on what we are doing and how He can glorify Himself through us. And we may go after something God never intended for us to have.”

Throughout the book, I found myself excited to be on the journey God is leading me on and found confirmation on several decisions I had before me. I would definitely recommend Chasing Famous as a valuable resource for anyone that is actively pursuing God’s calling on their life, it will present insights and application on how to move forward in that process.

Here is the link to find out more and purchase Lisa’s new book, Chasing Famous.

Lisa Lloyd’s ‘Chasing Famous’ Prize Pack Giveaway

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